IoT driven Cloud products and solutions to plan, manage, stream-time, and smoothen your apparel production
Raw material
Track inventory, vendor management, reordering, and inventory allocation for production orders
Raw-material quantity, wastage thresholds, process and stage defining, human and equipment resource allocation and planning.
Work in progress (WIP)
Automated WIP tracking by the stage, piece counting, quality assurance data gathering, data collection and visualization.
Finished goods
Quantity accuracy enforcement, stock transfers and log automation, dispatch and delivery automation, order accuracy improvements.

sewing machines and assets

track, trace, and allocate your sewing machines and physical assets in real-time with our innovative IoT, RFID and wireless solutions
Exact location
Know the exact location of a sewing machine in the factory floor with history records.
Transit tracking
Track location of assets and geo-fence, whether in storage, in transit, or in a 3rd-party warehouse.
Manage maintenances, automated notifications and alerts, reports on the cloud with history logs.
Connect to your ERP
Visualize the data on our cloud platform or get them directly in to your own ERP in real-time.

trolleys and carts

know where your carts and trolleys are and what's in them with our real-time location tracking system
Our system is capable of identifying every trolley/cart individually and provide real-time high precision location information.
Know what material is in your carts, along with the batch number, production stage, and other information in real-time.
Workflow control
Enforce workflows throughout with automated process enforcements, checkpoint check-ins, and content verifications.

lean manufacturing

IoT enabled automated systems and devices to control every step of the supply chain for a truly lean manufacturing in apparel industry
Waste reduction
From raw material ordering to issuing finished goods from warehouse, our highly automated systems control accuracy in every step.
Time saving
Our products and solutions automate counting and precision verification processes thus reducing manual labor and increasing speed.
Whether it’s inventory control, usage of correct machine or material, employee awareness, our systems automate any task.


suite of tools and products to track, manage, and enhance employee productivity and performance
Measure your employee emotional insights, productivity, and burn-down with our cutting-edge technology to increase quality.
Meal plan management
Allocate meal-plans and food allowances with ease for your employees with our RFID and biometrics enabled platform.
Keep your staff up-to-date and compliant with our online learning and training solutions. Carryout orientation, product trainings, etc.


we are here to help make your project a success
From basic feasibility discussions to providing in-depth technical knowledge and guidance on implementing your project, our experienced RFID consultants are here to assist in every step along the way. We can help you to come-up with the correct practical and reliable solution, make it cost-efficient, and expandable for your future needs.
Automated BI & Tracking
Our RFID, Barcode, IoT and GPS based solutions are designed to capture critical business data with minimal human intervention.