Track mobile sales-force and inventory

OCTO Cloud ERP sales force tracking and monitoring system is a cost effective and efficient app that helps management to make decisions faster and accurately with real-time information. The app provides your sales-force a number of advance tools that allows

RFID for jewelry and gem stores

Flatorb Jewelry RFID tags and Tracking System is designed and developed to increase the efficiency of jewelry stores, enforce security, and to improve customer experience. Jewelry stores carry high value items in moderate to high amount of quantities. In most

Inventory management using RFID

Is your inventory hard to keep track of? We provide fully automated and customized inventory management systems which can pin-point the location of items and give real-time information on inventory counts, shelf life, and a range of other critical and

RFID for Warehouse Tracking, Management, and Autom...

Automate storing products on shelves, moving forks lifts and product pallets through the warehouse, and loading a mixed order to a truck. Our fully autonomous warehouse management solution makes the operations efficient and independent on manual work-force.


Our RFID solutions Automated product receiving, check-in counting, and GRN process Product dispatch/issue counting Shelf life data generation and insights Delivery order management and accuracy enforcement Expiration awareness and alerts FIFO enforcement Skills Implementing RFID requires a deep understanding in

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Automated BI & Tracking
Our RFID, Barcode, IoT and GPS based solutions are designed to capture critical business data with minimal human intervention.